Eminent Eights

It's my first time being tagged! Thank you, Meretrisha, from "A Walk Through Life" for this Lucky Chinese Tag!

Eminent Eights

8 TV Shows We Like to Watch
  • It's Showtime (It's your show; It's your time)
  • Wowowee (Sinong 'di mawiwili?)
  • Going Bulilit (kuwela, kyut at makulit)
  • Singing Bee (Toooooooot!)
  • May Bukas Pa (which ends today – we'll miss you, Santino!)
  • Pinoy Big Brother (Melason! Melason!)
  • Rated K (Handa na ba kayo?)
  • Wish Ko Lang (I wish to have my own computer someday!)

8 Favorite Places to Eat and Drink
  • Jollibee
  • McDonald's
  • Mang Inasal
  • Max's
  • Chow King
  • Greenwhich
  • Manna Sutukil
  • Pizza Hut
8 Things I Look Forward To
  • Weekends to spend with my kids
  • Own personal computer
  • More income opportunities
  • More blessings
  • Family's good health
  • Financial freedom
  • Peaceful life
  • Increase my blog's page rank
8 Things that Happened Yesterday
  • Sent my kids to school
  • Bought my kids hamburger
  • Work, work, work
  • Checked friends' websites
  • Experienced power interruption
  • Wrote some articles
  • Played with my baby
  • Slept at midnight
8 Things I Love About Winter
Since we don't have winter here in the Philippines, I'll share the things I love about summer
  • My kids are on vacation
  • No heavy traffic when going to work
  • Beach outing
  • Cold spring water
  • Blue seas
  • White sands
  • Catching little fish
  • Fruits in season
8 Things I Am Passionate About
  • Praising God in my own secret way
  • Loving and caring for my family
  • Great food (though it does not show)
  • Blogging, writing (when I have the opportunity)
  • Reading (but could not find enough time lately)
  • TV
  • Movies
  • Pictures
8 Words/Phrases I Often Use
  • Halu! (Hello!)
  • Baboosh, Byer! (Bye!)
  • Ha? (of course I heard it, but say it again please)
  • Sure? (Are you sure?)
  • Hahay! (when something out of my control or I don't like happens)
  • Haler! (when there are some things that I disagree or don't like or make emphasis)
  • Eeew! (something yucky!)
  • Grrrrrrr! (You get into my nerves!)
8 Things I Learned from the Past
  • Life is not always sweet.
  • Trials make you strong and wise.
  • Freedom and responsibility go together.
  • If you dream of something, make it happen.
  • Be patient.
  • Think deep and think twice.
  • Bitterness could eat you.
  • Learn from mistakes.
8 Blog Friends to Tag
Gee, I think I drained my brain. But, yes, I had fun filling this out, lol! Happy tagging everyone!

Motivating Children to Read

Motivate Children to Read
Getting your children into the habit of reading is one way of enriching their knowledge about life. Reading allows them to explore and expand their world, challenges them to think from a new perspective and see the world beyond their daily experiences.

Encourage your children to start reading. Set yourself as an example. Let them see you poring over books, magazines or newspapers. If they see you reading, they are likely to join in. Books contain new words that would help improve their language and understanding. Libraries and bookstores carry a wealth of good books and magazines your children can pick out. Give them the freedom to choose what they like and read them together.

Reading together is fun and helps build relationships with your children. Reading with your children or talking about what they have read is a wonderful way to show them that it is a remarkable and worthy way to spend free time together.

Teenage Girl Beats Off Shark with Bodyboard

Fourteen-year-old Lydia Ward from New Zealand was bodyboarding at Oreti Beach near the Southern City of Invercargill with her brother when a shark attacked her in waist-deep water, biting her hip. Lydia defended herself by repeatedly hitting the approximately 1.5-meter (4.9ft) long shark with her bodyboard until it let go.

Explaining how she had read about a surfer who fought off a shark attack with her board, Lydia said, "That's what she did, and that's what you're meant to do."

Lydia added, "I showed Dad and he didn't really believe me. But then I showed him my wetsuit, with all the blood coming out, and he believed me."

Lydia survived the attack without serious injuries and suffered only several wounds that required medical treatment.

Giant Squids Invade California Waters

Giant squids are invading the California waters off Newport Beach and fishermen are having a field day attempting to reel in the unusual catch.

The squid, some up to 60 pounds and 4 feet long, were first caught Thursday afternoon, and anglers began making twilight expeditions Friday night to catch the nocturnal sea creatures, which spend daytime close to the ground and rise to the surface at night.

“When they’re lifted out of the water … they become a giant squirt gun. Chances are you’re gonna take a faceful or a chestful of water – and probably ink – when you pull them out … everybody laughs.”

While the arrival of these amazing giant squids sparks excitement to some, the mystery behind this, I think, should create high level of concern to anyone. Where did these creatures come from? Why are they appearing on the beach? What must have caused them to leave their home? Maybe we might want to consider some good reasons before hunting them down and wiping them all out?

Source: Los Angeles Times

Eyeglasses - Affordable Fashion Statement

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