Christmas Gift Ideas - The Thought of Gift Giving

Gift Giving has nothing to do with how much money you spend. What you need to remember when buying or making a gift is that you are not just giving your loved ones a box containing a present but a box containing your thoughts and your feelings about them.

Here are some thoughtful Christmas gift ideas and Christmas gift sets for you. Have fun choosing and enjoy making them for your loved ones!

1. Christmas Gift Baskets or Goody Baskets. You can fill the basket with items or goodies about their special interest.

2. Paperback books, cookbooks or magazines.

3. Beauty Kit. Perfect for teens and the girls in the family.

4. Framed Collage. Gather pictures of the person you are making the collage for. Then cut and organize them to make an attractive display.

5. Homemade Ornaments. A childs' foot or hand imprint creatively decorated make excellent gifts for grandparents or relatives.

6. Family or Children Portraits. This is a perfect gift for grandparents or distant relatives you might not get to see very often. You can even make a holiday frame for it.

7. A favorite toy, doll, or book from childhood that someone has spoken of fondly.

8. Family heirlooms and memorabilia passed on to the younger generation. Parents, in particular, can give their children with important family heirlooms like grandpa's pocket watch, or lola's special fan or other things that mean a lot to the family and are now being handed down to the younger members for safekeeping.

9. Unique items to add to a friend's collection.

10. Something the recipient thought he or she would never see again, like an old toy or a favorite shirt.

11. Music that was popular in the year your friend or relative was born.

12. Retro jewelry, music, or movies.

13. A toy model of Dad or Lolo's first car.

14. A copy of Mom's first cookbook.

15. Personalized storybook. Write and illustrate a story with the child as the main character, if you're giving the gift to a child.

16. Booklet of your favorite memories related to the recipient.

17. Artworks. Give a framed photograph that you took yourself, a painting or drawing you made, or even a song or a poem. For grandparents, a framed picture drawn by a grandchild is the perfect present.

18. Personalized Christmas cards. Make your own cards and send them to relatives and good friends. Involve the kids in the preparation!

19. Personalized Calendar. Make your own calendar using cut-out pictures, photos, and drawings.

20. Coupons for special activities with your significant other, like a candlelit dinner, massage, or outdoor activity.

21. Gift Certificates for restaurant dinners, movies, a home-cooked meal, a car wash, a day of babysitting, etc.

22. A jigsaw puzzle for the whole family. You are giving hours of fun and bonding.

23. Tickets to a favorite cultural or sporting event.

24. Buy small pots and plant a mini herb garden.

25. Gym memberships. This means you care about their health and well-being and would like them to stay fit and buff!

26. Buy Life Insurance. This means you are taking care of the family's future if an unexpected life event happens.

27. Homemade Preserves. You can try your hand at making homemade pickled papaya (achara) or pineapple preserves and put them in a beautiful bottle.

28. A music album of their favorite band, or a collection of their favorite songs.

29. Holiday Mug. A mug filled with chocolates and candies has become a common holiday gift idea, and is a nice gift for acquaintances.

The above gifts would probably put a smile on your loved-ones face but there is one better gift than the list above. What could be more precious than time? Take the time to visit friends and relatives whom you do not get to see very often or spend some quality time with the elderly in your family.

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