Rainy Days Could Be Fun Too

The rainy season is here once again. It is time to bring out our raingears such as umbrellas, raincoats and boots. During this season, it is nice to sleep and just let the time pass by. Rainy days can make one feel lazy. Nevertheless, I suggest not letting the rain get you down. You do not have to be gloomy also just because the weather is gloomy. You can still do many things to brighten up those rainy days.

You may cuddle up with a nice book you have always wanted to read and be swayed to another world when it is too wet to step outside your door.

You may sit in front of your computer and watch TV Online, do some social networking or see your friends online.

You may also take out your cards and board games and have fun playing with the whole family or friends.

Go out, relive your childhood and play in the rain. (My kids love this idea! They always long for a rainy day so they could go out, run and play in the rain.) Just be sure to take a warm bath immediately after.

Gather up the family and cook your meals together. It is a perfect opportunity to get everyone together for stories and laughs while cooking.


  1. I like the taking nap part. LOL. It'd be nice to break out some of our old board games. My favorite's Scrabble, but J hates playing that with me...because I win too much. ;)

  2. I like it too but with kids on the background, it's impossible. I usually spend my time in the kitchen preparing for something hot for the kids when I'm at home.

    Oh, I feel for J, LOL!