Save Space with Contemporary Furnitures

We had so many paint cans at the back of our house. I kept them for future use. Actually, I was planning to use them to plant some vegetables and flowering plants. Our little garden does not have enough space for additional plants. With plants on the cans, I could just easily hang them to save some space. This would also be a great decoration for our living room especially the flowering ones.

We only have a small living room. With three active kids, especially our little toddler, we need every little space we have for the kids' activities like play, play and play! Well, my kids are just too busy everyday. Hubby and I planned on purchasing a Contemporary Furniture for the living room. A living room sofa is one of our priorities. We realized we have to get one because whenever our relatives and friends come to visit, we use our dining seats for them. It would be more comfortable if we have them seated on a very nice and soft sofa sets.

I have one particular sofa design in my mind but I think it would not fit the living room. I saw one that is designed with practicality. We could not only save some space for the living room but also have additional storage spaces.

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