Preventive Maintenance for Washing Machine

Dirt and grime build up quickly inside the washing machine. It may result in a foul smell, which can easily transfer to your clothes. Cleaning washing machines on a regular basis will definitely keep it fresh.

Here are some simple ways to clean your washing machine:
  • Wash the tub with clean water after every use. This removes the dirt inside the washing machine.
  • Remove solid residue found inside the machine. Then with a cleaning cloth, wipe the interior surface.
  • Wipe the exterior surface of the washing machine with cleaning cloth and all-purpose cleaner or dish soap.
  • Clean the outside vent once a year and make sure it opens when the dryer is on and closes properly when the dryer is off.


  1. Great tips, Juliet! ;) I like to air out our washer by leaving the door open after a wash to let the excess moisture out. We also use a cleansing agent once every two weeks to make sure it stays pretty clean. Laundry is my husband's favorite house chore, so he takes care to keep our machines running well. LOL.

  2. Great to know Your husband helps you with the laundry. Most men dread this chore. :)

  3. Baking soda works wonders in removing washer odor. Just run an empty washing cycle in the highest heat settings and add about half a bag of baking soda. Let i it run. After the cleaning cycle, your washer should smell fresh already.