Mountain Resort Summer Outing 2010

We do have a company summer outing annually. Most of the summer outings were held on beach resorts with lovely wide swimming pools and enticing blue seas.

Most beach resorts require proper swimming attires so you could enjoy the pools. Conservatives wear shorts and spaghettis, others wear one-piece swimsuit and the more confident ones wear beautiful two-piece bikinis.
Oh, well, I do sometimes imagine myself wearing two-piece bikinis and always end up with a big laugh. With those stretch marks and "baby" fats caused by three pregnancies, I would make a hilarious picture. I know science could make some miracles on those sites but since I could not afford yet professional services like Dr. Dulin's, I'll just wear suits that could hide those unsightly marks.

Last year's summer outing was great, they say. Sadly, I was not able to attend because I was confined in the hospital celebrating another "motherhood" stage - giving birth to my third child.

This year's summer outing was real fun! We had it on a different venue. It was our first time to have it on a mountain resort. The invigorating mountain air, beautiful mountain views, good food, clean lovely swimming pools all on our own, and great games that made everyone laugh, twist and shout, made the whole activity even more enjoyable and revitalizing.


  1. I'm glad you had fun, Juliet! It looks like a fantastic place to relax and kick back with friends. I'd love to visit a mountain resort that looks like paradise! ;)

  2. hi! can i know where this place is? it interests me.. :)

  3. it is located in Liloan, Cebu...Senen's Mountain Resort i think...