D' Family Park – Great Place for a Family Outing

Our first visit at D' Family Park

It has been more than a year since we last visited D' Family Park in Talamban. It is the first park of its kind in Cebu. It offers an alternative and wholesome recreation site within the city while promoting the protection and regeneration of plants and animals.

One can find swimming pools - for kids and for adults, a picnic camp site that is great for holiday camps and the likes, a vast children's playground with play things like swings, see-saws, slides, tykes play stations and more, a wildlife sanctuary, a mini-zoo and botanical research garden with a nursery, a multi-function club house and pavilion designed to suit one's needs for any social activities.

The 20-hectare area is nature-friendly. Trees surround the whole complex. Lying nearby is a one-hectare lagoon with colorful school of fish. Park goers are provided with ample parking spaces for a minimal fee. The park has a large stage, equipped with an up-to-date sound system. Fronting the stage is a huge open field/ground big enough to hold ball games. At its side are kiosks structured for those who just want to enjoy the serenity of the greeneries.

My kids had a great time during their last visit. Since then, they never stopped asking us to go back to Family Park.

Old photos


  1. What an awesome place to head to with the family. It certainly looks like everyone's having fun and enjoying themselves. I bet your children had a totally fantastic time in the pool! ;) Looks like a perfect place to take a dip! ;)

  2. Oh, yeah! But the season's not great because of heavy rains. As the song goes ... Rainy days are here again!!!