Strong Earthquake Shake Philippines

Did I just experience an earthquake or was it just my head spinning because of sleepless nights?

At 6:52 this morning, I felt my monitors slightly shook. I thought I only imagined what just happened but it felt so real, so I checked the internet and found out there was really a strong earthquake in Mindanao.

While I was reading the report from USGS, another slight shake happened at 7:16am. We are lucky to experience only slight tremors here in Cebu City. I just hope the quake did not result to any serious damages.


  1. hi!it sure was kinda "kusog" here in davao!it was my wake up call this morning (it was around 6:40am). we just pray there's nothing serious bout the quakes. really great blog u've got!!

  2. I hope it's nothing serious. I know there's quakes there all the time, even little ones, so always be prepared with your emergency kit in case a natural disaster strikes. ;)