Obong Spring - Ice Cold Dip in Dalaguete

I did not have the chance to visit Obong Spring in Dalaguete when we visited Alcoy last month. When we went back to celebrate the annual fiesta in Guiwang, I made it sure to spend time to not only visit the place but also experience the relaxing cold water.

It was a low tide when we went there so the water inside the nature's pool came only from the spring. Out of curiosity, I tasted the water to see if it really is pure spring water. The water was a little bit salty. It may be because of the underground seawater.

We have to cross the water to get to the cottage. The water on the other side is just knee-high and walking there is not a problem.

The water was soooo cold, I wished I brought a jacket with me. I was only half-submerged but I am already trembling. I had double thoughts whether to take the plunge or not. I never thought the water could be cold as ice, hahaha! You don't have to bring ice to keep your drinks cold. You have the biggest pool of ice cold water to keep them. It reminds me of Timoga Spring Pools in Iligan City! It took me a while to really have my first plunge. I have successfully toned my body temperature to adapt to the cold spring water and finally enjoyed the spring.

Obong Spring in Dalaguete is just a 15-minute ride from Guiwang Alcoy. If you're from the city, you can get there through bus going to Bato and Oslob. If you have your own means of transportation, parking would never be a problem. There's enough parking space for a minimal fee of Php20 for cars and Php5 for tricycle and motorcycle. The entrance fees for adults and children are only Php5 and Php2 respectively. We arrived there at around four in the afternoon and were charged only Php20 flat for the car parking; the entrance fees for 8 adults and 3 kids were waved and I thank the friendly gatekeepers for that (*grin*)!

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