Leftover Pancit Canton

Most of the time, we just throw our leftover foods or feed them to a neighbor's dog, but this time I made some cooking experiment. There's a plate of leftover pancit canton on the table and it's such a waste if we just throw it away. I was thinking about turning it to a different dish. Hmmm, how about Tortang Pancit Canton? Have you tried it?

I prepared two beaten eggs to serve as binder, no flour, no condiments, just plain eggs. Cooking was as easy as basic frying. When the oil was hot, I put a spoonful of pancit canton in the skillet, poured beaten eggs just enough to cover its size, and cook it until it's golden brown. That's it!

The Verdict:
The kids liked it, and I like it too! It's crunchy outside and soft inside. However, the dish did not pass hubby's taste. He did not even like how it looks! :(


  1. haha.. picky husbands! you should try my caveman spaghetti and see if it'll work.. LOL

  2. Haven't tried it but it sounds like a good idea. I just might give it a try. ;)

    Thanks for following :)