Staying Alive for Cebu Blog Camp 2010

Cebu Blog Camp 2010
Looking for me on the photo? I'm in front. Can't still see me?
Well, you will never because I'm in front taking this photo, lol!
(hhmmph, corny!!!)

I joined the first ever Cebu Blog Camp 2010 last May 22nd. I managed to stay awake for more than twenty four (24) hours just to be part of a blogging history in Cebu. I work on a graveyard shift, so from work, I went straight to the camp venue.

I found myself out-of-place there. Everybody seemed to be "Englishers". During registration, I was assisted by a funny gentleman whose name I found later was "Drake" as seen on his name tag.

A number of Cebu bloggers joined the event. Most of the participants were young (as young as fifteen years old) and only a few young at hearts like me joined the event.

There were visitors and speakers from Manila and Davao who shared their knowledge and experiences and taught us some tips on how to survive in the blogosphere.

There were many freebies and raffle prizes; and the participants really enjoyed the giveaways. Who would not love FREE shirts, mugs, USBs, DVDs, domain and hosting and cellular phones?

Overall, it was a very informative event. It was fun and it was well worth my sacrifice.


  1. Glad to see you made it to the blog camp! I'm glad you enjoyed it, although I don't know how you managed to stay up for more than 24 hours! ;) What a woman!

    Also, you should've been in the picture, Juliet! LOL.

  2. Hahaha!!! They have injected money-making tips, SEO and other blogging techniques on my brain. That made me stay up that long and, uhm, the free Jollibee lunch and Dunkin donuts kept me energized. Hope there would be more next time, lol!

  3. uy share pud gamay! hehehe, wa jud ko ka adto sa blog camp dâ, wa ko pa absena sa ako boss, kalagot.

  4. @fetus: hehehe, naa diay ka work Saturday? Nag-straight jud ko gikan Friday. Pwera buyag wa mn sab ko giduka. Kapoy lang kay sige ra'g lingkod, hehehe. Kapoy mn sab diay ning maglingkod ra ta. Unsa mn kha akong ika-share ... hhhmmm ... tungod sa kadaghan sa gi-discuss nalimot na mn ko ... joke ... basta daghan sila freebies then nag-raffle pa jud 2 Nokia Cellphones. Bulahan ang mga winners. Unya libre ang lunch - Jollibee ra nuon, then snacks sab sa hapon .. cute nga dunkin donut .. isa ra sab (*sigh*), kuwang .. waaahhhh

  5. Thank you for coming! it is always nice to see people offline :)