Family Fun Day

The whole family had a great time yesterday. After giving our thanks and saying our prayers, we went to SM. Oopsie, I don't mean the mall but the Lapu-Lapu Public Market. People from Lapu-Lapu ("Opon") and Cordova already knew this but for those who don't have any idea, you may be wondering why we call it SM. Well then, I feel obliged to do some explaining here. We're from Cordova and whenever we go to Lapu-Lapu public market (commonly known as "Mercado") we ride a Multicab headed for "Sulod Mercado" thus "SM". Nothing really fancy about the term's history, eh. Okay, it's corny, so I'll stop this nonsense, lol!

Anyway, we did a little shopping at Unitop, took our lunch at Mang Inasal, and made our grocery at La Nueva Supermart.

It was our first time to visit this branch of Mang Inasal. What I like most with Mang Inasal, aside from the chicken barbecue, is the unlimited rice. I finished three cups of rice. What an appetite!

It was a Sunday so we expected there would be many people there, but there were still extra seats for incoming inasal eaters like us. The place looked overcrowded. It may be because they only allotted little space between the tables and most of the tables were occupied.

It's a perfect venue for those that want to experience great barbecue and cool place but have a limited budget. The place is better than their SM City Cebu branch (this time, it's the mall).

Yesterday was indeed a Family Fun Day on a Sunday. My kids enjoyed the simple things we did together. They were even happy and thankful for the cheap toys we bought for them. Inspired by their smiles, Hubby and I agreed to spend more quality weekend with our kids.


  1. LOL.. before I even finished reading, i tried to guess what SM meant in your post.. i thought "Sa Merkado" (hehe mas corny ko). anyway, good to know you had a fun weekend.. i thought of saying "easy on the rice" but you're really blessed to have a leaner body, so I guess that's okay.. go go go LOL

  2. Glad to see you and the family had a wonderful outing! It's nice to see the smiles of your children here in this shot. They look like they're having fun eating out! ;)

  3. @meretrisha: lol!!! I don't know what's wrong with me. Even if I eat more than required, I still don't get fat. I was thinking I have pets on my stomach, ewww!!!!

    @Bchai: They did have their share of fun especially the little one. He enjoyed the halo-halo his sister kept feeding him.