Note on Mother's Day

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We rarely celebrate Mother's Day when I was still a kid. Perhaps it was because my parents were not really conscious about occasions like that. We do have school projects like cards, beaded jewelry, and other crafts that we were supposed to give to our mothers on their special day but mine were mostly hidden on a box together with my other collections and were never personally given to my mother. However, I know Mama had seen them because she used to check my things and always had her way of finding things no matter how I tried to hide them. Guess what, she even reads my diary!

Now that I am a mother, I understand and feel the significance of Mother's Day and I share it with my children and hubby. Last year, my kids made a personalized greetings card for me. Tears fell from my eyes when I read their simple note inside a heart,

"Mama, thank you for taking care of us. We love you.

Angel and Warren"

And hubby … hhhmmmm. Well, I only received a simple "Happy Mother's Day" greeting and a kiss from him. I tried to convince myself that maybe he was just short of gift ideas or short of budget. Hopefully, this coming Mother's Day, he won't be stingy.

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