My Friends Live in Computers

I was looking for my poem notebook when a yellow book caught my attention. It was my college yearbook. I eagerly scanned the pages searching for familiar faces. There they are on nice prints - our mentors and instructors, our beloved Dean, Engr. Virginia dela Cerna and the sweet faces of my classmates, schoolmates and FRIENDS!

After college, we said our farewells to everyone. We were so grateful because finally, all the years of hard work, not only on my part, but for my parents, siblings and relatives as well, have certainly paid off. Like most fresh graduates, we were so eager to explore the world outside the university on our own. We feel more than ready to face the new challenges and frightening uncertainties ahead of us.

I have not seen my friends for years. Thanks to the great technology this modern world offers, we're still able to connect with each other through computers. That's why I love my computer. Most, if not all, of my friends are there.

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