Karaoke Sing Along - Barkada Night Out

Hubby and his friends had their night out party last week and I also went along out of a sense of duty and respect (as if I don't want to go and unwind, lol!). We went to an "eat all you can" food establishment because that's all we can afford considering their large bulks. The foods were great and we left the place with heavy stomachs! After a long and entertaining conversations or should I say humorous nonsense talks, they agreed to go to a videoke bar to sing their hearts out and burn the calories they just earned.

We went to a restobar in Cebu City. The place was simply cool and it's not crowded. You could enjoy the night without worrying much of your safety because there were guards visibly posted on their places. Their
singing machine karaoke system was great! You could sing like Jason Mraz or Jojo without burning your throat. Your voice comes out neatly even if you are not musically inclined. You'll get a feeling of singing like a pro (at least)! Hubby and I really had a great time karaoke singing and even planned to go back to the place someday. I just forgot the name of the place (had my senior moments lately, lol!) but as I do recall, it's along Mango Avenue near National Bookstore.

Hubby and I wished we have the same
karaoke machines or even portable karaoke machine at home to while away the hours on weekends. The whole family really loves to sing, most specially our kids (though we don't really have the talent, wink*).

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  1. This looks like great fun and everyone had a awesome time! I've recently come back from Japan and now I'm looking into purchasing some kind of Karaoke Systems through Sing To The World and I can't wait till I enjoy times like these and embarass all my friends too!