Judgment Day - Fear Not

I’m a little bit nervous for baby’s second follow-up check-up to his pediatrician tomorrow. The doctor will decide whether baby will be re-admitted to the hospital. A week after hospital discharge, the phlegm came back and if it won’t be treated by the new antibiotic the doctor prescribed, baby will be admitted back to the hospital!

After hospital discharge on April 16th, we were advised to see the doctor for a follow-up check-up on the 20th but when we went to the doctor’s clinic she was not available because she attended a conference in Manila and another doctor took her place. Her secretary did not even mention that when we called the clinic the day before the schedule. Her replacement is not affiliated with our health insurance so we decided to go to the health provider’s clinic. The doctor advised us to continue the medication.

On April 25th, we went back to baby’s pediatrician. She gave us another antibiotic for his phlegm and advised us to come back on April 27th. If the doctor finds an abnormal activity on baby’s lungs, baby will be confined back to the hospital.

Hope everything will be fine tomorrow. I don’t want my baby to suffer again from the hands of those incompetent nurses!

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