Paypal Account – Problems with Paypal Account Records

Does Paypal have problems with their records?

Yesterday, I was not able to login to my paypal account. I have sent tickets to their help desk and received basic answers that I have already done – like click "forgot password" and "follow the instructions in your mail". Don't they realize I won't be asking for their help if I have not done the obvious?

Indeed, I clicked the "forgot password" and checked my email. I clicked the link they gave me and I have to confirm my account. The problem is the security questions I've set were changed, so obviously I cannot proceed with the process! I didn't know who did that but for sure, I did not change it, in fact, I have used and answered the security question on Saturday, when I changed my password. I asked them to return them back to the original set but they declined.

Hours later, I tried to login again using the same password and alas, I was able to login! I took the chance and transferred my money to another account for fear I won't be able to access my account again. I tried to change the password and security questions back to the ones I set. However, I was unsuccessful. The reason – "The password you entered does not match our records. Please try again." Whew, that was weird! I have logged in to my account using the same password and could not change my settings because the password is incorrect! Since I've already transferred my money and there would be nothing to do with my account, I decided to log out. Out of curiosity, I logged back and, the weirdest of the weirdest, I could not login (and of course, I used that very same password I used when I have successfully accessed my paypal account). Huh!

Today, I tried to access my account again and successfully logged in. When I tried to change the security questions, I still got the same error - "The password you entered does not match our records. Please try again." Trying to be experimental, I logged out and tried to log back but as expected, I could not login again. Weird, huh!

Paypal, how could you explain this? I already informed you about the problem. When do we hear precious words from you?


  1. careful.. somebody might be hacking your account..

  2. I agree with Meretrisha. It sounds too fishy, esp. when PP can't retrieve your old password and your security question has changed.

    Maybe you can close the old account and re-open a new one with a new PP ID. At least, it'll be safer that way. Also, don't forget to change your passwords every so often. ;)

    Hope it all works out with PayPal though!

  3. Thanks for the tips meretrisha and Bchai! As of the moment, I'm using hubby's account. I will close my account as soon as my other accounts that use paypal are updated.