Financial Management –Teaching Kids About Money

Got this from The Wall Street Journal
and thought of sharing this to you.

I agree that teaching kids about money will help them become responsible when they grow up. Understanding the stock market at an early stage is not really a kids' stuff so I would better wait for them to grow much older. However, we could always teach our kids some ways on how to earn money. There are many ways for kids to earn money and a good example is selling food item kids would love. When I was in grade school, I sell chocolates, chocolate-coated biscuits and yemas. My classmates were sweet lovers and they always buy from me. At the end of the day, all my stocks were sold and I'm left with an empty chocolate container and a box full of money. Pretty cool!

Ryan Snook
Adapted from "Piggybanking: Preparing Your Financial Life for Your Kids, and Your Kids for a Financial Life." Copyright 2010 by Jeff D. Opdyke. Published by Harper Business, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

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