Ford Explorer - My Penultimate Dream

Have you imagined yourself driving a car like this?

The Ford Explorer is Ford's midsize SUV that debuted in 1990 as a 1991 model and became the best-selling SUV for 15. Ford redesigned it for 2006 with more power, cleaner emissions and advanced safety technologies. The 2010 Ford Explorer adds standard trailer sway control and a next-generation navigation system with SIRIUS Travel Link.

A common problem with Ford is coolant leaks. Running the vehicle when its coolant is low, or when there has been a cooling system failure, can cause overheating. Allowing the engine to overheat may cause damage to the cylinder head gasket. Early signs of a failing head gasket include rough running engine when you first start the vehicle after sitting overnight. The rough running generally lasts 5-15 seconds.

Get a cooling system pressure test from a reliable mechanic to check for possible head gasket problem. You may check this list of top rated Los Angeles auto repair shops and mechanics and read their reviews.

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