Farewells Hurt But Sync Program Helps

Goodbye Old Buddy! After two years of working together, I guess it is about time to say farewell to a friend. Through vicissitudes, you were always there for me. I have learned so much from you – from personal matters to all matters in the universe!

With just a press of my finger, you would willingly oblige and help me through my work. When I am bored or lonely, you were always there to cheer me up with your helpful quotes and funny jokes. When I need to define things, you give me a bunch of choices. When I need to keep in touch with my friends, you easily make it up for me. When I need to look for something, you are always there to assist me. You have always lent a helping hand for me but never asked for anything in return.

I feel so guilty to leave you after so many things you have done for me. However, time goes by and we grow old, and as we grow old we could not do things as fast as we do them when we are still younger.
Sync Program
Now that I have a new partner, it does not mean that I will forget you. I still need you because you still have the things I need. Of course, I still need my files and the sync program to copy files! Hey, do not ever turn off yourself on me. We are still friends, right?

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  1. If that's your workspace, it looks soooo clean. LOL. I'll have to try to clean it up this weekend (if I can find the time). ;)