Thoughtfulness is the Best Gift

Last Christmas, my kids handed me a handcrafted Christmas Card. They designed a very simple card on their own. Simple it may be but the efforts they exerted made the card more special than store-bought ones. Their thoughtfulness touched the mother in me that I would love to treat them to a movie; but no one would look after my now six-month old baby. I checked our DVD collections but they have watched everything we have. So I checked for some of their favorite movies on the Internet. Through Rapidshare Search Engine I was able to find what we were looking for with less effort. Thanks to their numerous lists of movie files, I was able to reward my kids for their thoughtfulness and they were able to enjoy the holidays.

Have you ever thought how you felt when you received a surprise gift last Christmas or when somebody handed you a present on New Year's Day?

Receiving a gift is something that gives anyone pleasure and joy. It makes you feel good that someone cares about you. However, you would feel much better and happier when you yourself are the giver of the gift. It does not have to be a nicely wrapped package tied with a colored ribbon, nor does it have to be rare and expensive. It could be something that you can readily give anyone each day. Such gift is no less than a simple gesture of appreciation, a sincere expression of praise or sympathy, a smile or a word of cheer to brighten up someone's day.

Thoughtfulness is thinking of others. It is doing or saying something that makes people feel good and happy about themselves. When you give, you have inner sense of joy and fulfillment which is quite different from the way you feel when you receive a gift.

This year, think about how you can make others happy. If you cannot say a word, perhaps you can start by greeting with a smile. Take time to write a letter to a friend or loved one or to send a "get-well" note to someone who is sick. Being thoughtful is giving your best gift to others as well as to yourself. It makes your day more pleasant and beautiful.

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