Supercharger vs Turbocharger

Which is better, a supercharger or a turbocharger? It is one of the most common questions asked and the simplest answer to that question is - "It depends." Each device has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the right kind of forced induction for your vehicle depends on the type of your vehicle and engine, your driving habits, your power preferences, and your needs.

A supercharger is defined as a blower or compressor, usually driven by the engine, for supplying air under high pressure to the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine and a turbocharger is defined as a centrifugal compressor that boosts the intake pressure of an internal-combustion engine, driven by an exhaust-gas turbine fitted to the engine's exhaust manifold.

Both superchargers and turbochargers are forced induction systems and therefore have the same objective, which is to compress air and force more air molecules into the engine's combustion chambers than would normally be allowed at earth's atmospheric pressure. Forcing more air molecules into the combustion chambers allows the engine to burn more fuel per power stroke. With an internal combustion engine, burning more fuel means more fuel is converted into energy and power. Supercharged and turbocharged engines normally produce more power than normally aspirated engines.

After evaluating your engine and your needs, have you considered what device to use now?

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