Increase Your Google Page Rank

My Google page rank has increased from 0 to 1! It may not be a great figure compared to those who have page rank 10 but at least I have seen some improvement on my personal blog. ;) As you can very well see, my blog is already 27 months old yet I only have page rank 1. From October 2007, you might observe that I only had some serious number of posts starting October 2009. To give you an honest answer, I was not serious about blogging that time because its significance was yet unknown to me and it took me two years to realize it. I don't even know what page rank and search engine rankings mean and how it affects a blog, not until I've seen a friend's blog and discovered how she earns from it.

As a newbie in this vast virtual world called blogosphere, I crave for things unknown to me. To fill my hunger for knowledge, I read articles about blogging, search engine optimization, and how to increase page rank and earning money online; and applied those I think would help improve my page rank. For a newbie like me, an increase in my blog's page rank is already a great achievement. It has paid my efforts in improving my blog. It's like receiving a trophy for a job well done!

You can also improve your blog and increase your page rank with the following steps that have worked well on my blog.
  1. Create feeds through Google Feedburner.
  2. Ping Feedburner.
  3. Submit your content to Google.
  4. Submit your site to Ping Service.
  5. Join other group of bloggers in Entrecard.
  6. Create backlinks.
  7. Improve your blog's content by doing the following:
    • Make sure your page loads in just a few seconds after a click.
    • Create unique description and keyword for each post.
    • Add related articles below each post.
    • Constantly post good content in order to attract more visitors.
Do try these steps and see what wonders it would do to your blog. I would advice you to have patience because these will not improve your search engine rankings and Google page rank overnight. Give your blog some time, let's say, a month or two depending on how diligent and committed you are to your goal.


  1. Congrats on the ranking! I'm still "meh" when it comes to optimizing my blog, but I'll definitely keep your tips in mind. I have a friend who makes over $1200 a month blogging, and I wish I could do that, but we gotta start small and make our way up there. :)

    Hmm...I'll try the entrecard sometime in the future. :)

  2. Wow, that amount could pay off my financial obligations and monthly home loan amortization! ;) How I wish my blog would grow up to that level! When that time comes, I would be ready to quit my job and focus on full-time blogging, lol!

  3. I totally understand what you're saying. It's very hard to have a high page rank. My blog's rank is 2 and I've been blogging since July 2008. But I gotta admit, I just learned about page rank last December 2009. lol. Anyway, congrats! :)

  4. Thanks Mariel! It's great to know you have page rank of 2. Congrats to you too! ;)