Celebrate Love on Valentines Day

It is almost February and I could now smell the sweet aroma of Valentines Day. Sweet love is obviously in the air. I plan to give Hubby a big surprise but I am lost with some creative ideas. Might as well visit my partner, Article Alley Article Directory for some useful Valentines Day promotions and fancy.

Last Valentines Day, Hubby and I celebrated love over a simple yet romantic dinner. I would count that very day as the most memorable date we had within our ten years of marriage. This was the first Valentines Day that we had a real date and the very first Valentines Day that he gave me flowers and chocolates. Though they are not the typically expensive ones, his act of thoughtfulness really caught me by surprise because even when he was still courting me, he had not given me any flowers or chocolates a man courting a woman usually brings. Well, Hubby is not really the stereotypically romantic type of person.

I kept the flowers and dried them to keep something that would remind me of that once in a lifetime special moment we had together. I do not know if we would be celebrating this Valentines Day as we did before but I am still hoping for the best.

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