My Baby is Teething

I feel a little dizzy today. My head is throbbing so hard and my eyes seem to roll on their own. I did not have enough sleep for three days now. My five-month old baby has changed his sleeping pattern. Normally, he sleeps at around 9:00 pm and wakes up at around 11:00 pm but sleeps again after drinking his milk. Now, he still sleeps at 9:00 pm, wakes up at 11:00 pm but would never sleep again even after drinking a bottle or two; and stays awake until at most 3:00 in the morning.

My Baby is TeethingLast night, he turned from one cute little angel to a fussy baby. I gently rocked him, sang a lullaby, gently patted his back and tried all things I know about calming a fussy baby. It did help for a while but then again he would continue crying. I wonder why he is not himself anymore. I checked his body for some causes of irritation but found none until I noticed that his tongue keeps on flipping his lower lip. I checked his gums and was surprised to see a tiny white speck. My baby is teething; and he is teething early compared to my other two kids who have their first tooth at around seven months. Now that answered all our questions. It is a good thing I already have one of the baby teething remedies for him - a teething pacifier. The problem is, he would not suck or bite. He is still not used to it but in time we will see. I forgot the name of the teething gel I used with my two kids when they were teething. I would better set an appointment with the pediatrician and ask for it.

Shopping For Divorce Attorneys

Tiger Woods has been dodging rumors of infidelity. Every day, more and more women come out of the woodwork, revealing intimate details of their affairs with Tiger; and reports say that at least 14 women had affairs with the golf icon. It seems his marriage is irreparable now. There were reports that Elin Nordegren, the Swedish nanny and former model who married Tiger Woods in 2004, is shopping for divorce attorneys. According to media reports, Elin will divorce the billionaire golf icon following the $candal that halted his career. An unnamed source close to Elin told ABC News, "Divorce is 100 percent on. She's not rushing to divorce, however. She’s going to take her sweet time. She wants all the dirty laundry to be out on the table before she signs anything." People magazine reported she has met with lawyers to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement with Woods. US Weekly reports the couple has a prenuptial agreement worth $300 million, which would make this the most expensive celebrity divorce in history.

Despite Woods' infidelity, many people would still want the couple to save their marriage, stay together and work things out for the sake of the family and their children. However, divorce attorney Raoul Felder who has handled huge celebrity cases said he would not count on Woods' marriage to survive. "There's a separate level of hell when you're a celebrity. You're subject to extraordinary temptation that ordinary people are not subject to. I don't think the prognosis is too great for something like this unless she's willing to make some kind of deal and live with it."

Prominent celebrity divorce attorney says, "Don't count on couple staying together because of Woods' temptations." Do you think it is a good decision for Elin to divorce Woods and live comfortably for 30 lifetimes? On the other hand, would they better save their marriage and give their relationship a second chance? What are your thoughts on these?

Relationship Management Skills on Nagging

Couples experience stress-related arguments that may be due to finances, outside influences, and unmet expectations. Instead of finding acceptable outlets for stress or developing coping skills for anxiety or relationship management skills, spouses tend to personalize pent-up emotions toward each other and eventually become a recipient of unspent anger and frustration through nagging.

Nagging is defined as the bothersome, annoying, incessant, irritating fault finding or voicing of unmet expectations or tasks that need to be done. It takes the form of verbal reminders, requests, and pleas said in a number of different ways repeatedly.

For years, this has been a problem between men and women and some would want to end the relationship just to escape the feeling of being under constant pressure. Through time, women have earned the reputation of being the “nagger” and men the recipient of the nagging. However, there are some cases were the roles are reversed. Male nagging is not discussed as much, but it is prevalent in long-term relationships. Men tend to nag about different kinds of issues, and in ways that are a little less ripe for parody.

People nag because they do not feel that they are being heard or their words are just taken for granted. They mistakenly believe that getting loud or being repetitive will help them get through to the person whose attention they want.

If you have asked your spouse to help you do something, and your spouse cannot get around to doing it, nagging is NEVER going to help. If the undone task you have asked is so vital that it risks your health or your financial good name, you may need to do it yourself. Performing this task may mean that you need to eliminate a task of lesser priority. It is important to keep this balance and to share with your spouse the necessity of jostling your responsibilities.

Relationship Management - Facts on Cheating Wife

Women are less likely to cheat than men. In the old, old days, women cheating on their spouse were unheard of but in today's modern times, the number of women who cheat on their spouse is growing exponentially. The difference in men and women cheating is that men often cheat for physical reasons while women often have emotional reasons for cheating on their partner.

While estimates of infidelity are difficult to establish, surveys consistently reveal that wives tend to be more faithful than husbands. When a wife cheats on her husband, she is more likely to have an emotional affair and tends to cheat with someone who is part of their social group – a friend, a co-worker, someone from school, church, etc. Cheating wives tend to have affairs with men who have more status and resources than their husbands or with men who are better relational partners – someone who is more attentive, appreciative and understanding.

Cheating WifeWomen are also more likely to use cheating as a means of getting revenge than men. While using infidelity to "get even" is rare, "revenge cheating" is more common among women. Modern women are no longer willing to sit back and accept the fact that their partner may cheat on them. If a woman confirms or even just holds a suspicion that their partner is cheating on them, it may drive her to engage in an affair as an act of revenge. While this is not a justifiable reason, many women see revenge as an appropriate reason for cheating on their spouse.

Women also cheat because they are bored with the monotony of their current relationship and they seek to bring excitement back into their life through engaging in an affair. An affair is exciting not only because it involves a relationship with a new person but also because it involves sneaking around and ultimately getting away with doing something wrong. This is very exciting to many women and they are willing to risk losing their relationship over their affair.

When a relationship meets a stagnant point where the partners are no longer making a conscious effort to reassure each other that they are still desirable, women begin to feel insecure that leads them to seek affirmation of their desirability outside the relationship in the form of an affair. Being found desirable by another compensates the lack of longing they feel from their partner and helps to boost their self-esteem.

More and more women are becoming guilty of cheating on their partners. While women are beginning to cheat as often as men, the reasons why women cheat are much different than the reasons why men cheat. The reasons why women cheat include loneliness, revenge, boredom and self-esteem. Oftentimes, emotional reasons rather than lus† drive them to these affairs.