We're Making a Doll House

My daughter needs a new dollhouse. Her dolls have grown and they do not fit in the old house. Since we could not afford to buy a new house for her dolls, we have to make do of the old one. I told her to help me Enlarge your house with glue. We used ice drop sticks for the extensions and made some extra rooms out of it. After adding the extensions, a dash of paint adds extra glitter to the house. Voila, it looks brand new!

Tingko Beach, Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines

The family's favorite spot is the Tingko Beach! It is just a short tricycle ride from Guiwang, my husband's place. The clear blue sea and the white sands are free! There is no entrance or exit fee! (lol) We could bring our own food or even grill barbecue and enjoy the day eating, swimming and catching small fish! The children love it!

Tingko Beach is a popular getaway located in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy in Cebu, Philippines. It is in a small but deep lagoon across a coral island called Mabad-on Reef that completely submerge during high tide and expose during low tide. Only a very narrow channel from the mainland separates it. Tingko Beach is an extensive stretch of curved shoreline with very white sand and clear water fringed with coconut palm grooves and limestone cliffs. A few feet from the shore, the sea floor gradually plunges down to a depth of several feet below the surface.

The beach can be crowded during weekends where locals and city folks, and occasionally, foreigners, flock to enjoy the beautiful sand, sea and sun. Due to its unique location, being an arcing shoreline on a lagoon, the sand in the southernmost end of the beach would shift northward sometime between late September and early December, thereby emptying the sand completely out exposing the rocky bed of the shore. The sand would return quickly starting in late December.

A row of beautiful white houses owned by German Nationals who fell in love with the people and the place adds beauty to the beach. The beach also has cottage or should we say simple mini townhouse with a balcony to appreciate the beauty of the beach, a room to relax overnight, and shower/comfort room facilities abundant with water that are available for rent at a very affordable price. A mini store with videoke to sing your hearts out adds flavor to the scene. Camping is also possible on the beach where you can bring along tents for more fun and enjoyment. You could also see some nice photos at All Things Juliet.

Oh, I almost forgot the room rates. Could you smell Dementia here?

Anyways, here they are.

Room Rates Update as of October 25, 2010:

Cottages owned by Jack Antig:
Php 900.00 to 1,000.00 per room/cottage = good for 6 persons
You may contact the owner or in charge of Antig cottages at 4839298.

Tingko Beach, Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines

Tingko Beach, Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines


Barangay beach house (duplex cottage with veranda facing the sea):
Php 600.00 per room/cottage = good for 5 persons [price may have changed]
For more information, please contact Mitos at 09282123525 [updated April 4, 2012].

Tingko Beach, Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines

If you won't mind the distance, there's also a place were you and your family can stay. There is a mini apartment for rent at Guiwang owned by Noy Berto. It's not very far though. We used to walk from the beach to our place, Guiwang. You may contact him at 09296801129 or 4839430 for inquiries. The owner can take you to the beach from the compound and vice versa, depending on your negotiations. There's an internet cafe within the compound. Also, a bakery and sari-sari stores are just nearby.

Cebu Marine Beach Resort, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Cebu Marine Beach Resort is a simple paradise to spend the weekend with family and friends. It is a small and remote beach located at Suba Basbas, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines.

Cebu Marine Beach Resort provides a private and tranquil atmosphere, ideal for simple getaways. Relaxation is made easy with warm and friendly resort staff, combined with a constant sea breeze that provides favorable temperature while staying in the beach or in the swimming pool.

Some Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend

Take some time to enjoy your weekend. There are a lot of great ways to enjoy it! If you love the outdoors, the beaches are the best spot to unwind.

Indulge yourself in fantastic adventures like mountain climbing, wind surfing, kite surfing, sailing, horse riding, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, whale watching, island hopping, swimming, and more!

You could also spend your time in the mall and be overwhelmed by the fun indoor activities, entertainment, shopping and food.

If you want to release all your stress, visit your favorite Spa and reward yourself with a relaxing massage.

For homebodies like me, there's no better place like home. Weekend is the best time to spend with the family. Strengthen the family's bond by doing activities together like playing with the kids, reading stories, baking, planting, watching movies, crafting, storytelling, biking, camping and many more!

After Hibernation

After more than a year of hibernation, I've warmed up and my fingers are now more than ready to tick my keyboard. I'm so glad that my blog site is still available despite its inactivity. Now, I could continue scribbling my thoughts. This is my virtual gateway to reach out to others.

Thanks, Blogger!