Shopping For Divorce Attorneys

Tiger Woods has been dodging rumors of infidelity. Every day, more and more women come out of the woodwork, revealing intimate details of their affairs with Tiger; and reports say that at least 14 women had affairs with the golf icon. It seems his marriage is irreparable now. There were reports that Elin Nordegren, the Swedish nanny and former model who married Tiger Woods in 2004, is shopping for divorce attorneys. According to media reports, Elin will divorce the billionaire golf icon following the $candal that halted his career. An unnamed source close to Elin told ABC News, "Divorce is 100 percent on. She's not rushing to divorce, however. She’s going to take her sweet time. She wants all the dirty laundry to be out on the table before she signs anything." People magazine reported she has met with lawyers to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement with Woods. US Weekly reports the couple has a prenuptial agreement worth $300 million, which would make this the most expensive celebrity divorce in history.

Despite Woods' infidelity, many people would still want the couple to save their marriage, stay together and work things out for the sake of the family and their children. However, divorce attorney Raoul Felder who has handled huge celebrity cases said he would not count on Woods' marriage to survive. "There's a separate level of hell when you're a celebrity. You're subject to extraordinary temptation that ordinary people are not subject to. I don't think the prognosis is too great for something like this unless she's willing to make some kind of deal and live with it."

Prominent celebrity divorce attorney says, "Don't count on couple staying together because of Woods' temptations." Do you think it is a good decision for Elin to divorce Woods and live comfortably for 30 lifetimes? On the other hand, would they better save their marriage and give their relationship a second chance? What are your thoughts on these?


  1. (Found you through Shanix' blog, by the way.) ;)

    Hmm, as for Tiger and Elin, I can certainly understand why she wants to leave him. Having extramarital affairs with more women than I can count on my fingers is embarrassing and heartbreaking at the same time. Still, people are quick to expect divorce, but I don't know if marriage counseling (or sex therapy) would even save the marriage. It all depends. There are children to think of and, coming from Elin's standpoint, I can see why she wouldn't want to subject the kids to the scandal. Sure, they'll find out about it, but it may be years down the road when they're older.

    Now if THAT happened to me? I can't say. It'd take my husband weeks to decide on whether or not he'd want to go to counseling, because he'd be in the hospital first.

  2. LOL! You're husband would have second thoughts if he realizes what would happen to him if he'll "Tiger" you. If this happens to me, I don't know if I could say the same.

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