Funniest Christmas Gift I Gave

I remember going to the store to buy a Christmas gift for my Manito. If it is hard to choose a gift for a special person, I would say it is much harder if you are buying a gift for a person you do not even like. I do not have any Christmas gift ideas for him but for sure I would be buying a cheap Christmas gift considering my budget.

I was a High school freshman then. Before Christmas break, it was a school tradition to have a Christmas party and pick our Manito or Manita. We did not use code names so we know whom to give our gifts. I would take this a blessing in disguise when I picked the one person I hate most in the classroom - Roderick. He used to bully me every single day because of my skin color. I have dark skin because I love the outdoors and I love to swim every weekend. He would always tease me and would never miss his chant, "uling! uling! uling!" (a Cebuano term that means "coal").

The day before the party, I went to the store and walked over the display for teenage boys. There were many choices but I did not find anything that I like for him to have so I decided to go to another store. On my way down, I passed through children's toys and thought of buying something for my niece and nephew. I saw this little buddy and eventually decided to buy it for Roderick.

Christmas Gift photo courtesy of wallpaperez.infoThe most awaited Christmas party has come. I could not wait for the "exchanging gift" part. Roderick would be in for a very big surprise! After the food attack, we were ready for the revelation of our manito/manita. Now, it is the time to reveal mine! When I mentioned his name, everybody shouted! We were the "cat and dog" of the class and everyone was so excited what would happen next. Every eye was on the gift. I did not give a hint on what was inside the box but I told my friends it was very "Roderick". When he opened the gift, he got what was meant for him a long time ago. He was now the center of attraction and the boys bullied him for what he got. So what was the gift? A plastic pull along dog with rolling eyes that rolls around and around when pulled. It was a Dalmatian, it would be better if it was black but I never found one!

Classes resumed after Christmas break but I could not hear Roderick's chants anymore. Maybe it was one of the things on his long list of New Year's resolution. After our classmates' reaction over the gift, I have lots of great Christmas gift ideas for men like him that would come with a special Christmas gift wrap.


  1. hahaha, i bet he's someone special, you couldn't seem to forget him *joke*

  2. hahaha, you bet! well, what i did made a point to those who bully me.